Initial Birth Chart Reading:
Exploring Your Cosmic Map

$175.00 · 1 hour 15 minutes

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What’s your sign? Fun fact: you have many—and if you have the time, date and location of birth, I’ll tell you about all of them.

In this first session, I will take you on the journey of your sun, moon and rising sign—and all those other signs along the way—to give you a crash course in *you* via your cosmic marching orders aka your birth chart.

We’re reimagining the past to tell the story of the future via transits! You’ll even learn some simple ways to follow them on your own. “Wait. What?!” All will be explained.

It’s a process—and we’re excited to begin in with you.

Upon booking, please include your (accurate) time, date and location of birth in the notes section. Questions? Reach out at cv@cvhenriette.CO THANK YOU. CVh

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