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Explore your image in the stars aka PLANETS.

How do you power UP? What’s your RAI·SON d’Ê·TRE? What’s going on with your LOVE LIFE?! Your CAREER? Will next month feel less heavy? Why are some MERCURY RETROGRADES more brutal than others?

The COSMIC GUIDE tells ALL. Well, most of it. Free will is a thing, Friends..

In our FIRST SESSION, we’ll go over the architecture of your birth chart. Think: cosmic talk therapy where you’re introduced to all the parts of you: planets, placements, aspects. Or a mini astrology class, where you’re the subject.

In subsequent sessions we’ll look at the unfolding of your chart over time. How is the sky right NOW speaking to your BIRTH SIGNATURE? This is where we get to explore the good questions like Should I take that job? Or Why am I fighting with my partner?

Intrigued? Curious? Hesitant? Drop me a line (here).


Fine print: astrological services are for entertainment purposes only.


Initial Birth Chart Reading: Exploring Your Cosmic Map

$175.00 · 1 hour 15 minutes

What’s your sign? Fun fact: you have many—and if you have the time, date and location of birth, I’ll tell you about all of them. In this first session, I will take you on the journey of your sun, moon and rising sign—and all those other signs along the way—to give you a crash course in *you* via your cosmic marching orders aka your birth chart. We’re reimagining the past to tell the story of the future via transits! You’ll even learn some simple ways to follow them on your own. “Wait. What?!” All will be explained. It’s a process—and we’re excited to begin in with you. Upon booking, please include your (accurate) time, date and location of birth in the notes section. Questions? Reach out at cv@cvhenriette.CO THANK YOU. CVh


Follow-Up Astrology Reading: The Story Unfolds (Personal Astrologer 4 sessions/ $480)

$120.00 · 1 hour

Have you had an initial reading with me? Good. You’re in the right place. In these follow-up sessions we’ll explore your story in real-time. What’s this full moon mean for me? Is now a good time to switch jobs? Will I ever meet the love of my life? ETC. ETC. You have questions. The sky provides guidance.


Express Reading

$60.00 · 30 minutes

Have a question? Want to explore a feeling? Curious to see what messages the Universe has for you? A little Astrology. A little Tarot. We’re diving in straight to the heart of the matter.


Tarot Reading

$120.00 - 60 min

If you aren’t in a position to pay standard price for a reading, each week I offer a limited number of sliding scale spots. The suggested minimum is $30. If you can pay more, rad. If not, still rad. I’m excited to connect with you! When booking, please write the amount you would like to pay in the messages and we will send you an invoice along with the confirmation. If that’s still too much to swing, no worries! : ) Send me an email at cv@artofthezodia.CO, and we’ll work something out. Upon booking, please include your (accurate) time, date and location of birth in the notes section. THANK YOU. CVh


Invite only

Price Varies · 1 hour

Hello, Friend— This is the place to book for an astrology trade or some other arrangement we have discussed previous to you clicking this link!

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